Travis CI builds disabled by Travis OSS policy change

I’m not sure what to say about this yet. disabled builds for the LMIC (and probably all the mcci-catena repositories).

According to the, we can get 10k credits. But the recent flurry of merges consumed that. Apparently I can apply for more, but I don’t know how long it will take, or how likely it will be. The commercial plans are quite expensive; it would be cheaper for MCCI to spin up a gitlab instance and move (at least) CI testing over there.

Unfortunately, I’m out of time to pursue this. So the v3.3.0 release has to wait a week or so.

Got an email back from Travis CI folks:

Hello Terry,

Thanks for writing in.

At the moment, credit allocation for OSS projects is on hold as per directives from management. Sincere apologies please.

We will provide updates once we get additional approval from management.

Thanks for your patience

It appears that there’s something deeper going on here. Still, it’s rather inconvenient.

Either we have to purchase a plan, or we have to find a different way to do CI on GitHub.

Suggestions are welcome.

I made some inquiries and did some searching.

Adafruit has moved to GitHub Actions for CI testing.

On the whole, that seems like a reasonable approach.

Another approach that seems attractive for hardware-in-the-loop testing is This also might be a better approach for MCCI’s internal test requirements.


  • I made a framework for testing LMIC-based apps (with the normal huge matrix of boards and regions). This is at mcci-catena/mcci-catena-ci.

  • I updated the LMIC to include a GitHub action .yml file that sets things up and launches builds; and calls the scripts in mcci-catena/mcci-catena-ci to do the setup and builds.

  • I decorated special-case scripts.

Documentation is sorely needed for how all this works.

There’s also a need for github sub-actions (what are they called?) so that the repetitive portions of this can be centralized.