STM32Duino using RAK811 at EU868 can't Join - Unknown event: 20

I am using STM32Duino with RAK811 eval board (EU868) but it can’t Join. I can’t find what event: 20 means. The BSP of RAK811 is properly configured to STM32Duino so the pins are ok.

15:32:20.183 → *******************************
15:32:20.183 → System Starting…
15:32:20.183 →
15:32:20.221 → Packet queued
15:32:20.221 → EV_JOINING
15:32:21.038 → EV_TXSTART
15:32:27.294 → Unknown event: 20
15:33:33.537 → EV_TXSTART
15:33:34.725 → Unknown event: 20
15:34:41.530 → EV_TXSTART
15:34:42.742 → Unknown event: 20
15:35:53.839 → EV_TXSTART
15:36:00.150 → Unknown event: 20

I am using updated MCCI Lmic v.3.3.0.
Arduino version is 1.8.13.
My observation is the same for TTN V2, TTN V3 and Chirpstack.
The region is EU868.
Board is RAK811 WisDuino (STM32 + SX1276)

Sorry you’re having troubles.

This message print is a long-standing bug in the sample apps. The event table is missing an entry for event 20, and therefore doesn’t print the text. Event 20 means “end of (unsuccessful) join attempt”.

  • Do you see uplink attempts in the gateway or TTN console logs (you’ll see new device joins each time, if the uplink is working).
  • Are you sure your gateway is working? (Sometimes they lock up and have to be restarted to make downlink work.)
  • If you have two devices, try one of the “raw” apps and confirm that the two devices can talk to each other.

Best regards,

Thanks for the quick reply Terry.

Uplink/Join attempts are present on the gateway logs (Rpi Based) as well as on the network servers (I tried TTN V2, V3 and Chirpstack).

I’ll try another device and check. Also the raw example.

You’re welcome. I had a problem bringing up a new device where the network was sending the downlink but the gateway, for some reason wasn’t transmitting.

The other possibility is that your Arduino clock is not as accurate as needed, or that there’s a bug in the BSP that interferes with the LMIC. Which STM CPU does the RAK811 use, exactly? MCCI had to fix a few things in the STM32Duino BSP to make things work properly with the STM32L082.