How to get RX RSSI?

Hello all,
This is my 1st post in this forum. Also, I am new to MCCI LoraWan library. So first, my apology is here in my words if I ask something like a noob.

My setup details are given below:

MCU: ATmega328p (16MHz crystal, Arduino Bootloader)
Lorawan Chip: Ai thinker Ra01H (Sx1276)
Network Server: Chirpstack
Gateway: Kona Macro
Frequency Plan: AS923(default)
Library: MCCI Arduino LoRaWAN Library

I am successfully sending my sensor data to Chirpstack and also it receives commands from Chirpstack using a downlink. I can get node Tx Rssi From Chirpstack. But how to get RX RSSI from the code? I searched for it and I found something like this LMIC.getRadioRxRssi() to get RX RSSI but in the API of MCCI could not find such a thing. So I am in confusion. How to get RX RSSI in MCCI? Can you help me out Please? I will be obliged.

Is there anyone to answer this? please help me