/dev/cu.usbmodem2101 disconnecting on upload

Hi everyone! I have been trying to upload the tnn_otaa.ino example on my board but during build, the board gets disconnected for some reason.

I have tried uploading the a basic example file like Blink and it works without an issue. So the issue must be LMIC related.

Here is something from the upload output that seems to be the root cause of my problem:

/Library/Arduino15/packages/adafruit/hardware/samd/1.7.14/bootloaders/featherM0/bootloader-feather_m0-v2.0.0-adafruit.5.hex: no such file or directory

My setup is the following:

LMIC version: 4.1.1
IDE: Arduino 2.3.3-nightly-20240411
Network provider: The Things Network
Region: EU868
Board: Adafruit Feather M0
Radio: SX1276