Detailed description of lmic_pins and connections

Is there an explanation somewhere that details each of the lmic_pins and why they are needed? I have an interesting dilemma that when I plug my Feather M0 into USB it works fine, but when it’s connected to the rest of the circuit - it never gets past initializing the LMIC library. I’m wondering if it’s somehow related to the lmic_pins structure - maybe one of the pins it’s trying to use is connected to something else?

Also, the tutorial for using theThingsNetwork mentions the need to install jumpers, why is that? I can’t find any explanation of what those jumpers are doing. When I connect the board to USB with nothing else connected, the jumpers aren’t installed and it seems to work fine. Would connecting them somehow help when the rest of the circuit is installed?

Sorry for the slow response.

There’s nothing tutorial. Your problem sounds like an issue with the SPI bus on the Feather M0 – you have to make sure the SPI signals (MISO, MOSI, CS, CLK) and NRESET are connected properly and that your experiment isn’t loading them down.

It’s possible that Adafruit has added a jumper from DIO0 to D6 in more recent boards. The photos are different, so there may have been a revision.

There is, by the way, reference (not tutorial) material in the README. See Manual Configuration.