Arduino LMIC vs LMIC-node


Previously I was working with MKR WAN 1310 (Arduino) and it worked just fine. I’m developing a custom board and wanted to get rid of SAMD21 processor. As a starting point I took B-L072Z-LRWAN1 and LMIC-node.

I’m not using TTN but connecting to LoRaWAN network operated by national teleoperator. They have Actility NS, don’t know what gateways they have. Region is EU868.

Using LMIC-node I have been able to connect B-L072Z-LRWAN1 to local LoRaWAN network but there’s one issue: JOINing can take forever and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. If I’m able to JOIN, sending data works fine.

Looking at the log files from NS I think I figured out what is the issue:

  • LMIC-node sends “JoinRequest” always on “SubBand” G1 on “Channel” LC1, LC2 or LC3. Gateway responds with “JoinAccept” typically on “SubBand” G3 on “Channel” LC255. LMIC-node doesn’t seem to get these “JoinAccept” messages.
  • Only after multiple “JoinRequests” (and quite randomly) gateway sends “JoinAccept” on G1/LC3 after LMIC-node has sent “JoinRequest” on G1/LC3. When this happens LMIC-node “gets” “JoinAccept” sent by the gateway.

So I guess my question are:

  • Does this issue stem from using LMIC-node? How to fix it?

  • Or should I use LMIC Arduino? What is the difference between two?

  • And finally: Am I even in the right forum asking these questions…?

All help greatly appreciated,

Don’t know much about LMIC-node; I maintain Arduino-LMIC on the Murata module. I think, the issue is that there is less bandwidth available, and the local conditions are such that the other channels don’t work.