Arduino IDE & Linux Compatibility Issue?

Hello! I have an issue on my program stalling when it tries to connect to The Things Network. On some PC it works fine but on my Linux PC and also some of my windows, the problem occurs. Is this familiar to you? What suggestions can you give? Thank you so much.

Can you give us more details about the nature of the problem? Is it that the PC gets stuck, the device gets stuck, etc? Repro instructions are generally helpful for remote understanding.

Hi Terry. The serial monitor gets stuck, so I think this is a device issue. As I tested it, it seems the problem may be caused by some driver or on the compiling process. Btw, my board is STM32 LoRa SIP, and I create a new variant board, my IDE is Arduino. It success in compiling and uploading, but the program always stuck when it tries to connect to The Things Network. Also, I do this to other “Old PCs” where I installed all the required libraries, and from there, the program works. So I don’t know if the problem is my installation, or there is a driver or compiler files that I miss out.