V_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept with TTGO-LoRa 2.1.6

Hello there,

I am currently using a TTGO LoRa 2.16 in order to connect to the The Things Network. I replaced all the fields on the example sketch (ttn-otaa) from my TTN console. It has already been two days that I try, I every time have the “EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept” message.

There are my pins configuration:
const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = { .nss = 18, .rxtx = LMIC_UNUSED_PIN, .rst = 14, .dio = {26, 33, 32}, };

I am also using the CFG_eu868 config.

Can someone help me? Did I miss something?

Can you monitor your gateway to see if any uplinks coming from your node?

Sorry you’re having problems.

See also #666 on the LMIC page.

It strikes me that the problem is probably your pinmap. Check your board schematic to confirm that the lmic_pins settings match your hardware. The various ESP32 boards seem to be subtly different from each other, and also seem to differ from board rev to board rev.