TTN data retrieving Via python

Hello MCCI Team,

I work on an automatic irrigation system using LoRaWAN network. In our setup we have a humidity sensor that is connected to a multitech gateway. Actually we are posting the received data by integrating our TTN to the Cayenne site. However our goal is to retrieve the data using python (or temporarily save them in a database)

For this purpose I used Terry moore’s tutorial on youtube (I thank him for this useful video). But the problem is that I get an blank matrix in result.

The question is, can it be because of not being subscribed to the TTN site?
I don’t decode the sent packets by gateway, it can also be a logical reason?

P.S. I did exactly as tutorial, step by step

I thank you in advance for your answer and your help.

Did you enable the storage API on the TTN console for your app?

I haven’t tested my demo since I posted the video; it’s possible that something broke. I’ll try to retest, but can’t guarantee how soon I can get to that.

Hey Terry,

Yes I Have Enabled Storage API, But it’s ok right now. I had a certification problem.

Thanks for your answer .

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Hello SaidSabri, I’m wondering what was the certification problem? cuz i’m facing same issues.

Hello Ronye,

to be honest it’s been a long time that we were using TTN but if I’m not wrong we used MQTT to retrieve the data from TTN.

for example, you can try


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Thanx for ur fast replying!

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