Spring 2021 certification / regression campaign

With the various changes I’ve got pending (especially #515, and the global equivalent #619, I’m starting to run regression tests. I’ll post the test reports here for people to look at (and refer to).

These do not refer to the mainline v3.3.0 code; these are all testing the pre-release code for v4.0, which is not yet on HEAD.

  • US915 test #1: 1 failure
  • EU868 test #2: FSK is not working reliably (not new) and some new minor things found by v1.6 of the compliance sketch.

First test: US915, commit fac837d5, with MCCI Catena 4610 (STM32L0 in Murata ABZ module). Only one failure:

Interestingly, it’s the TX power setting in a link ADR request.

Here’s the report; click to download the PDF.

image (1.4 MB)

EU868 Channel Hopping is fixed with commit fac81a9. We’re now back to the failures that are mainly caused by FSK not working properly.

Here’s the test report: EDT_EU868_V103_ClassA-4610_CERTIFICATION_EU_TEST_RESULT.pdf (532.4 KB)

However a couple of bugs were also surfaced: #722 and #723. I’ve pushed a fix for 722, and I know the root cause of 723. Might as well fix these now. The fix for 722 is technically a breaking change, so the next release of the LMIC will be V4.

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