Not sure where to set: LMIC_setupBand()

Hello All,
I am just starting to play with LMIC for the esp32 (I really hope it works)
I am trying to connect in the AS923.
So far, I updated the lmic_project_config.h file to look like so:

#define CFG_as923 1
#define CFG_sx1276_radio 1

This I believe to be correct. But setting LMIC_setupBand() in this file fails, and setting it right after the pin coniguration in the OTAA example of the arduino file results in the error:

ttn-otaa-Test:41:17: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ';' token

any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks all!

Sorry for the slow response. Check the example .ino files. LMIC_setupBand() is generally not used unless doing ABP. Although ABP seems simpler, it’s actually a lot more complex, because you have to do all the setup that the network normally does – and that requires more experience than anyone has when starting out. If you use OTAA, you won’t use LMIC_setupBand() at all.

Best regards,