LILYGO T-MOTION - LMIC problem - radio.c:1164

Hello, i am trying to run the TTN_OTA example from

at my LILYGO T-MOTION board. It compiles Successfully but at run time it states the following:
LoRa Receiver

Is there any clue why is this happening?
Thanks in Advance

This usually means code is calling into the LMIC before it’s been initialized. (The code should call os_init_ex() and then LMIC_reset() before calling any other APIs.)

Good luck!

no luck here :upside_down_face:

The code works this way. it first calls os_init and then LMIC_reset. i added a delay between them just in case but it didnt work.

is there a way to debug that? i tried LMIC_DEBUG_LEVEL 1 in lmic/config.h but nothing happened. T-motion has an STM32 mcu