Industrial Shields Ardbox and LMIC

I have an issue with the implementation of LMIC into Industry Shields Ardbox devices. The problem occurs upon startup where I get the message

17:44:15.595 → FAILURE
17:44:15.595 → C:\Users\MarkHamer\Documents\Arduino\libraries\MCCI_LoRaWAN_LMIC_library\src\hal\hal.cpp:35

Currently the dio pins are not defined in my sketch. My question: Must they be defined? According to Industrial shields, not.

Any tips welcome …

Thank you, Mark

I discovered by change that Industrial Shields maintain their own branch of LMIC. There I think they have modified the code to work with their platform.
I loaded the library via the IDE - this does not work.
See : GitHub - Industrial-Shields/arduino-lmic: LoraWAN-MAC-in-C library, adapted to run under the Arduino environment (2020-05-11 apologies for slow response on issues and PRs, I catching up but stil wa behind)