Disable receive windows after join


it is possible to disable the two receive windows after join? Due to the delay until RX1 and RX2, the power consumption is considerable. I only send data and might do it without ADR. Or is there a problem with a TX-only node i forgot?


It will seem to work, except that you won’t get any downlinks (and MAC control commands). Depending on your network, this may be critical; some networks send critical transmit configuration on downlinks from the uplink, not in the join acccept – extra channels, this kind of thing. You’re better off figuring out how you do a low power sleep for most of the delay window.

Thank you Terry, for your answer. I’m writing my master’s thesis on the topic, so would try this out if i can. Does the library native support turning off the RX windows or do I have to “modify” them myself?

The library doesn’t support it. You’ll have to intercept the completion on the transmit path (there’s an osjob_t handler that takes care of this), and do what you want instead of queuing the delay for the RX1 window. There are a number of things that happen when the RX sequence is complete; you’ll likely have to refactor so that those things get done too (like sending the transmit-done event). Good luck!